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YOU'LL GET REWARDS & THEY'LL GET 30% OFF* DEFIANCE! Invite your friends to Defiance via email or post on Facebook and Twitter. As friends use your invite to sign up for the PC Free Trial, they will be linked to your account and you will unlock the title and Lock Box shown below. When they buy the full game or make their first store purchase, you get more loot! Below are the rewards you could claim:


You'll be notified each time a new reward has been unlocked,
and you can claim them in the Defiance Store under CLAIM ITEMS.


Who can I recruit to join me in Defiance? You can invite any of your friends who are not already playing Defiance. If you have a friend who has already signed up and is playing the game, that friend will not be counted towards earning rewards.

Do I have to complete these rewards in order? No. If, for example, you invite three friends to sign up for the PC Free Trial and one of them signs up, buys that same day, and starts playing, you will unlock the exclusive outfit before the in-game title.

How does the final reward work? The final reward is granted to you each time an additional friend (over and above the first five friends you recruit) buys the full game or makes a purchase in the Defiance Store. So friend 6, 7, 8, 9, etc. all earn you another Tier 3 Lock Box (limit of 6 additional friends).

Do I ONLY have to sign up five friends to unlock all these rewards? No. You should invite as many friends as you can. Not all of them will sign up immediately, so the more you invite the more likely you are to quickly accumulate rewards. Big tip: if you invite a friend, make sure you follow up with them and get them to take the first step and sign up for the PC Free Trial. It then helps if you encourage them to buy and jump into the game. Let them know that you’ll get all this cool stuff if they do!

Why should my friends sign up anyway? They also get rewards! Every one of your invited friends who signs up for the PC Free Trial gets several in-game rewards and a deep discount on their purchase of the full PC game. It’s a win/win relationship.

What is the Ark Hunter Rewards Program? The Ark Hunter Rewards Program is a loyalty program whereby Ark Hunters gather and input six digit codes that are scattered and hidden across hundreds of Defiance items including trailers, screenshots, and web pages. As these codes are entered they accumulate to unlock 15 different levels of in-game items and rewards for FREE! You can check out the Ark Hunter Rewards page here.

*30% off Defiance PC game only.