Cast & Crew

Julie Benz as Amanda Rosewater

Amanda Rosewater

Born in New York in 2011, Amanda shouldered a great responsibility at an early age, serving as a stand-in parent for her sister Kenya when their mother and father died during the Pale Wars. Adrift in a post-war world, Amanda eventually heard of a town where Humans and Votans were attempting to coexist. She traveled to Defiance and accepted a job cleaning the mayor’s office. Despite these humble beginnings, she so impressed then-Mayor Nicolette Riordon that, upon her retirement, Nicky appointed Amanda to finish out her term.

Amanda used her political power to maintain peace in the community, an ambitious task in this deadly new world. Losing the Mayoral seat was a blow, but Amanda's strength and determination to do the right thing remain no matter what her position in the community. 

Julie Benz

With chameleon-like abilities to transform from a bubbly blonde to a tortured brunette, actress Julie Benz won a Golden Satellite Award for her role as beloved Rita Bennett on Showtime’s award-winning series Dexter.

Benz recurred on the CBS medical drama A Gifted Man, and also starred in the TNT movie Ricochet. She also appeared on ABC’s No Ordinary Family, followed by a stint on Desperate Housewives. Throughout her career, Benz has starred in an array of cult classics including Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and Roswell, as well as the Steven Spielberg-produced alien abduction miniseries Taken.

On the big screen, she starred opposite Sylvester Stallone in 2008’s Rambo, as the vengeful, blue-collar wife of a murdered cop in The Punisher: Warzone, and as one of Jigsaw’s victims in the fifth chapter of the popular Saw franchise.