Get More Defiance with Syfy Sync

Get More Defiance with Syfy Sync

If you want to experience Defiance in a way like never before, Syfy Sync is just for you. Syfy Sync is an experience - available for your tablet device - that delivers contextual games, videos, behind the scenes facts and more WHILE you are watching Defiance (no matter if you are watching live, a recorded episode or on So if you're watching a scene of Nolan and Irisa fighting some hellbugs, extra goodies about that scene - bloopers, trivia, behind the scenes anecdotes or insight into the fictional world of Defiance - will appear on your tablet. Think of Pop Up Video - except you get way, way more.

In addition to all of the above, each Sync experience will feature exclusive videos, such as executive producer and co-creator Kevin Murphy "Shooting the Schtako" with cast members about each episode. 

And there's even a feature to chat with fellow viewers and see what the show's stars are saying about that episode!

To get Sync on your tablet, you need the Syfy app. 

To get the Syfy app for the iPad or iPad mini, visit here.

To get the Syfy app for Android Tablets, visit here. Please note syfy only supports 10" tablets.