Season 2 Game/Show Crossovers!

The cool thing about Defiance is that it's more than just a TV show - it's also a totally free-to-play, multiplatform game from TRION worlds. This shared universe of show and game leads to many cool crossover moments which we'll highlight below as they play out over the course of Season 2!

Episode 16 (Season 2, Episode 4)

Raiders like those that attacked Pottinger are a common site in the Defiance game, where players frequently encounter them while traversing the Bay Area.

The case that Pottinger obtains is stamped with a "Von Bach Industries" label. Karl Von Bach is a notorious weapons dealer who is based in the Bay Area, where the video game takes place.

We've known Tarr Traxx, Alak's record business, has been a front for the Tarr criminal empire ever since Stahma made an appearance in the video game to expand the Tarr family's reach to the west coast - using Tarr Traxx as a cover for their illegal goods.

Episode 15 (Season 2, Episode 3)

*We find out Christie is pregnant in this episode. For many years, cross-species breeding was considered impossible. When the first mixed-species babies started to appear, people wondered whether it suggested a common genetic ancestor or a product of genetic engineering. There is a whole storyline - "Cradle to Grave" - devoted to this in the Defiance game.

*The tendril attacks that Irisa inflicts on Bertie and Sukar (and that we see the Casti fishmonger that Irisa "killed" two episodes ago inflict on a child) are very similar to a phenomenon happening in the Defiance game. Possessed individuals have been attacking settlers. Collectively they are known as "The Grid." Has Irzu's curse spread to the Bay Area (home of the game) as well?

Episode 14 (Season 2, Episode 2)

*Notice how Pottinger and the Earth Republic are willingly to turn a blind eye towards Stahma's criminal activities? She's been making a lot of savvy deals since Datak's been in prison - and has expanded her influence to San Francisco, where the game takes place. 

*Did you see the poster behind Tommy that said "A Pow in every pot." Terraforming introduced many new alien species to Earth, but it also played havoc with indigenous animals. Pow are a genetically mutated combination of cows and pigs. They can be found in abudance in the video game.

*Shrill bombs, as seen in this episode, are the new weapon of choice in the game.

*The miners in this episode used cold fire guns to paralyze the Shrill spores. Cold fire were developed by the Volge, a brutal race of warriors who attacked Defiance back in the first episode. The Volge - and their coldfire weapons - are frequent enemies in the game.

Episode 13 (Season 2, Episode 1)

*Varus Soleptor, the Liberata crimelord that nearly killed Nolan, is a character in the video game. Prior to the events of Season 1, Nolan and Irisa (in the game) stole a valuable Libera Nova gem for Varus. It took him an entire season of searching for Nolan, but Varus finally found him. Well, until Irisa saved her adoptive dad, that is.

*A Hellbug - responsible for the death of the anti-Earth Republic miner that Pottinger arrested - is a familiar sight in the Defiance game. The one featured in tonight's episode was a baby Hellbug, called a skitterling, but much larger ones are common enemies in the game.

Prior To Season 2

*Nolan appeared in the game looking for Irisa

*Stahma appeared in the game, having traveled to 2047 San Francisco on Tarr family business.