Meet the Tarrs and the McCawleys

Defiance's two biggest families - the Tarrs and the McCawleys - are opposite in many ways (the least of which is, one is human and one is alien). One thing they share in common? They don't like each other very much. Get to know them.

Watch Now: The World Changed. Life Endured

Defiance's epic essence comes in it's simple premise - the aliens came, the world changed, but life endured. See what we mean. 

Welcome To The New Age

Defiance the game debuts in just one week (April 2) - and here's a look at what you can expect from it.

You don't have to wait though. Pre-order now!

Get the History of Defiance

Defiance takes place in 2046, thirty-three years after aliens first landed on Earth. What happened during those gap years? Head over to Tumblr for the Defiance News, which outlines the key events from 2013-2046 in a good ole' newspaper format. It's all the news that's fit to print (and more).

Watch the First 14 Minutes of Defiance!

Defiance premieres on April 15th at 9/8c (mark your calendars and write a note for yourself on the fridge), but we're giving you a sneak peek at the show's first 14 minutes. It's just the tip of the iceberg for what's happening in the two-hour premiere (again, Monday, April 15th at 9/8c). Grab some snacks and watch it now.