World of 2047


Biomen are the genetically engineered results of a top-secret project commissioned by the Earth Military Coalition in the year 2000 to combat a potential alien invasion. It took Earth’s scientists the better part of twenty years to perfect their lab-grown weapons of war. Biomen are tall and hugely muscled. They’re designed to kill and withstand massive amounts of punishment. They can have a variety of skin tones – both natural and unnatural – and possess eyes of vivid color. Every group of Biomen has a “batch name” based on the name of a U.S. president (Reagan, Carter, Woodrow, Barack) and individuals are branded with a unique serial number (Ulysses-537634).

The armistice between humans and Votans and the dissolution of the Earth Military Coalition effectively rendered Biomen obsolete. The Earth Republic has tried to integrate Biomen units into their security forces with mixed results. Many of them suffer from the same aggression they displayed during the war, and behave erratically when they’re not given something to destroy. For this reason, Biomen are stigmatized by both Votans and humans.

They’re not really considered to be a species of their own, as they are genetically engineered humans created to be used as tools. But they are different enough from the average human that most Biomen have trouble integrating with society. Many surviving Biomen want nothing more than to be perceived as normal...


The Aliens of Defiance

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