World of 2047


Castithans are an aristocratic and ethereal race that hail from the planet Daribo, and are known for their pale skin and beautiful features. They are proud and haughty, and tend to dominate others in social situations. These qualities, coupled with a cunning intelligence and unbridled ambition, have helped them adapt to life on Earth. However, they are also vain and prideful, and bristle at the mere implication that another race may exceed them in intellect or beauty. Castithans have a rigid social structure, and adhere to a strict caste system. Lower castes serve higher castes, and females are seen as subservient to the males in their family. Other races believed Castithan society would evolve on this new planet, but if anything it's driven the survivors to cling to their heritage all the more. For Castithans, your place in the world is determined at birth, and appearance is everything.

Castithan is spoken very, very quickly. It's a sign of their impatience and also a challenge for anyone to keep up with them. Even the Castithan writing system (fajizwalino, literally "revered characters") is complex and irregular—and quite difficult to master. It's crucial to know whether one is speaking to a superior, an inferior or an equal in order to speak Castithan correctly (i.e. without causing offense or seeming crude).

Although they are conservative with regard to tradition and language, Castithans tend to be very liberal with their sexuality. Sex is as much a tool of political agenda as it is an expression of love. Castithans have zero reservations about using sex as a means to an end. That’s not to say that Castithans don’t also enjoy sex to the extreme. Many of their most cherished ceremonies involve expressions of passion and desire.


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