World of 2047


Irathients are the most common Votan race living on Earth, hailing from the planet Irath. They're a proud, tribal people who are sometimes perceived as feral by others, owing to their deep love of the natural world. Irathients are handsome and naturally athletic, with bronze skin covered in biologically occurring patterns. Fierce and fearless fighters, Irathients pride themselves on their combat skills. They've adopted much of the technology and weaponry developed by the other races, but most disputes are still settled by hand-to-hand combat. Despite these aggressive behaviors, Irathients are also a deeply spiritual people.

Despite their strong sense of cultural pride, most Irathients understand this is a new world and have made efforts to assimilate. Their athleticism, strength, and intelligence allows them to succeed in a variety of occupations, but many Irathients prefer mining and farm jobs that enable them to work the land as their forefathers did. Their buildings are made mostly of wood and stone, designed to blend in with their surroundings. This harmony with nature not only pleases their gods, but provides a natural defense against their enemies.

The Irathient language is spoken at a slow and deliberate pace. It is rich in consonant clusters, and may sound halting at times as a result. Some of the other Votan races consider Irathient coarse and harsh. But for anyone who's studied their speech, it's clear that Irathients take great care in finding unique ways to describe the world around them.


The Aliens of Defiance

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