World of 2047

The Lawkeeper Charger

After the Pale Wars, a huge cache of relatively well preserved and undamaged Dodge Chargers was discovered in terraformed caverns under the surface of what was once Detroit. The nitrogen rich subterranean environment preserved the vehicles largely as they were the day of their final assembly, which explains the remarkable condition of the frames and bodies. The Earth Republic outfitted these vehicles with Votan power plants and heavy suspension to survive the rugged conditions of the new frontier. Rafe McCawley purchased one of these cars from the Earth Republic and presented it as a gift to the town. The Charger is now the signature vehicle of the Lawkeeper of Defiance.

The Lawkeeper Charger runs on standard petrohol with an octain rating of 140 which is the optimum "high test" burning medium for this hybrid turbine. 70 liters of petrohol delivers 900 km. range in this modified vehicle with a peak horsepower of 370. It is 4 wheel drive and capable of sustained climbing a 50 degree sand bank in its present configuration. The exterior shell is hardened and the vehicle is much tougher and durable than it was when it was unearthed at the termination of the Pale Wars.


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