Join thousands of players in Defiance, the shooter MMO that brings massive co-op action to a future universe evolving in-game and on TV!
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Unique Open-world Shooter

Shoot the way you want, with a multitude of weapons, armor, and special abilities that evolve with experience. Custom character creation means you can play as human or alien, modifying your appearance to become a unique citizen of the Defiance world.

Massive Co-op

Fight for survival in a constantly evolving environment with regular content updates and dynamic events. Play solo, or join thousands of simultaneous live players in a futuristic San Francisco Bay Area that’s a fully-realized open world. You’ve never imagined a third-person shooter this huge.

The Game Never Ends

Experience dynamic missions, massive co-op battles, and endless exploration across a gigantic game environment. Plus, brought to you by Syfy, the Defiance TV series is a revolutionary drama with content and storylines that crossover between game and show.